Our mission is bold and simple:

“empower every individual and business to participate in wealth creation from any social or commercial transaction that uses verified identity”.


Srini Katta: Founder, Chairman & CEO

Srini is a Serial Entrepreneur, Blockchain, AI and CRM Solutions Expert, Author, Speaker

  • Visionary thought leader who has led exponential business growth.

  • Management and technical experience to solve business challenges.

  • Masters in Engineering and Business Administration

Pad Warrier: Head of Product

Pad has 360 ‘chips to cloud’ multi-release product management

  • Investor, mentor and startup adviser: Mass Challenge, Heal and many others.

  • Collaborative change agent for business transformation of Hotmail to Outlook.com

  • Context-driven AI platform to power campaign automation for retail (incl. Walmart).

Jomari Peterson: Crypto-Economics Expert

Jomari is a Strategy, Operations and Development Expert

  • 10x return as the Co-founder for the Quantum Resistant Ledger ($100M valuation)

  • Digital Reserve: Ending Predatory Lending through micro-lending and cryptocurrency

  • PhD Candidate in Engineering & Public Policy (CMU), MBA in Strategy & Logistics


Advisory Board


Andrew Nobbay

Charlie Lindal
AI & Cybersecurity

Kevin Wilson

Sandeep Tyagi

Sunil Pangarkar
Business Strategy