Unchain from Predatory Social Networks
  • Today, wealth created from user data goes to a few select companies.

  • User data is being exploited for profit with pseudo-privacy policies.

  • Fake and duplicate accounts are causing significant fraud in existing social media platforms. For example, more than 40% of millennials filed an average fraud complaint greater $400 in 2017. And, there is 25 - 30% Click and Display fraud in Online Ads.

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Padmanand Warrier
Safely Connect With People You Trust
  • Congratulations on Joining SocialChains- the Safe digital neighborhood.

  • It’s time for you to bring family and friends to SocialChains- the safe internet.

  • SocialChains becomes the safest internet when more users switch from the unsafe Social Networks as you and your family & friends are on the same safe network.

  • Be early and earn referral tokens when your friends and family join.

  • Your friends and family earn tokens, too!

  • Earn your tokens before the limited supply runs out.

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Padmanand Warrier
Join Hands as Stakeholders
  • Users are stakeholders of the platform. Social Chains shares up to 50% of the profits with users.

  • Also, users receive tokens for joining and engaging with the platform. 60% of our tokens are reserved for distribution to users.

  • True privacy where users own their data. SocialChains cannot access user data without permission.

  • Users are verified by SocialChains AI-based facial recognition technology, creating safe digital neighborhoods for social and commercial transactions.

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Padmanand Warrier