What is SocialChains?

SocialChains is a global social economy platform that puts users first and center. Every user is verified; creating a safe digital neighborhood where users and business can engage in social and commercial transactions with trust. Every user is a stakeholder; 50% of our profits are shared with users. 

What problems do you solve?

Think of how many times during the day your identity is used for any transaction; whether they are social or commercial. Now think of how many times, do you actually profit from that? No much, right? BigTech and other companies are profiting from your data. Today, we have exploitation of user data. Privacy without oversight. Fake and fraud is all too common. It’s time to take control of your data. SocialChains is the world’s first social platform that gives you true control of your data.

Why should you care about privacy?

User data is sold to third parties with no regard to the user’s privacy rights and oversight. How do you feel if someone steals money from you wallet? Not good, right? Imagine the big-tech making money out of your data and not you! Do you feel good? Consider privacy seriously if your answer is a no.

How does SocialChains make money?

Primarily through “permission-based marketing”. You tell us what goods and services you are interested, and we match you up with businesses that are willing to provide competitive offers to verified user such as yourself. Your data is never shared with the businesses. Period. We collect revenue from businesses and share half of our profits with users. 

What about your team? What motivates you?

We are a team of serial entrepreneurs with deep insights and experience in digital marketing platforms, context driven artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cloud services. We have successfully launched products from scratch on a global scale. At SocialChains, our core beliefs are

  • Privacy is a user right.

  • Users have a stake in the wealth created from their data.

  • No place for fake users and fake data in social networks.

Everyday our team is passionate about these beliefs. This is what drives us. 

Is the product live?

Yes, it is available by invite only in English speaking countries, primarily in the US and India. Sign up if you have an invite code; or to get on our wait-list. 

What are S-Tokens?

S Token is a mini token of $SOCT that SocialChains has developed. 1,000 S Tokens = 1 $SOCT token. The $SOCT token will be the trading symbol of the cryptocurrency of SocialChains when it is registered on crypto-exchanges. When our e-commerce platform is developed, you will be able to use your S-Tokens on SocialChains to buy services and products from other users. There are no transaction fees for trading in S-Tokens since they are internal to our platform. And, after our $SOCT token is registered on exchanges, you will also be able to convert equivalent $SOCT tokens, at your convenience, to your local currency, or any other currency or cryptocurrency of your choice after a vesting period. You are responsible for any transaction fees associated with conversion. You are also responsible for any government regulations and tax implications involved with conversion. Please read our Disclaimer.

What is a $SOCT token?

$SOCT will be the trading symbol of the cryptocurrency created by SocialChains. $SOCT will be registered on crypto-exchanges. SocialChains will issue a maximum of 1 billion $SOCTs. After that, there will be no more $SOCTs available to the market. Right now, only a small fraction of $SOCTs are available. 60% of the $SOCT tokens will be distributed to users as they sign up on socialchains,io as a token of SocialChains’ appreciation for joining our community. SocialChains’ management expects that over time, with a limited supply and growing user base, the value of $SOCT will increase. SocialChains in no way guarantees that any government or business entity will ever accept its cryptocurrency (symbol $SOCT) when it is listed. Please read our Disclaimer.

Any other questions?

Feel free to contact us