Review of Roger McNamee's book "Zucked"

At the recently concluded SXSW conference (2019), I had the opportunity to get my personally autographed copy of Roger McNamee’s book “Zucked” (Penguin-Random House, 2019). The book is an interesting capture of his journey from an advocate of social media to an activist for its reform. To me, the most insightful piece of his book was the summary of his findings in Chapter 12, “Success?”.  At a minimum, I believe the book would make readers want to change their online daily habits and that of loved ones. Especially in a “mobile-first” world.  And for some, I expect it will motivate them to be change agents for something very fundamental. Giving voice to democracy. More than ever, I believe that what SocialChains is doing is a part of that social change.

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Padmanand Warrier